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Looking for a room or a flat to share ?

You can rent an individual room in a downtown flat and save on your rental fees. At the same time you can stay together with other foreign students and have a great time. 

Budapest flat

Rent a room in a shared flat

It may be worth considering a flat share solution for those who either do not want to stay alone or do not have the budget to rent an individual flat. Mostly students find it important to organize flatshares for themselves, however it is not always easy to find the right persons and flats especially when you are trying to do that in advance from abroad. When you already study in Budapest, it's easier, however it's not very convenient to commence studies without a place to live. 

We can offer you rooms in two- three- and four-bedroom flats where you can live together with other foreign students.

Please fill in the below inquiry form to start the process:

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